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Pulse Dynamics

Noise metering

Pulse Dynamics is a cgeneration units manufacturer and a consulting firm in the following areas:

Vibrations Mechanical Design
Noise Non-invasive machinery diagnostics
Cogenerators Remote monitoring
NG and LP generator sets HVAC
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Solve customer's problems in a simple, quick and cost-effective way, using the latest technology available. Improve our customer's profitability with our technical solutions.

Pulse Dynamics - Extreme Engineering, Sound Solutions.


Pulse Dynamics is a firm formed entirely by specialists in our expertise arear, with extensive experience in the industrial, environmental, commercial and accademic fields. Pulse Dynamics' members have been part of graduate studies research groups, but they also solve real-world inustry problems daily, an experience mix that few firms have. Abbattimento vibrazioni

Our experts have received numerous acknowledgements and have been invited as guests speakers in events in the fields we operate, have cooperated with large municipalities in the environmental noise field, revising local noise reulations..

Some of our customers:

Dinamica applicataTechnical personnel at Pulse Dynamics is constantly updated with the latests technologies and procedures to ensure that all our solutions are always as efficient as possible. Our services and solutions are backed by contract and we offer a refund policy in case we don't meet the targets we promise. We aim at total customer satisfaction.


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San Antonio de Los Altos 1204
Tel: +58 412 5973084
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Via Dante Alighieri, 146
I-36016, Thiene (VI)
Tel: +39 335 7213620
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VAT: 03208440242


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